Get involved with the Network

The MRM Network is currently recruiting members to serve on one or more MRM Committees.

Seize the opportunity to help us move the MRM Network ahead to: position regenerative medicine research at McGill; expand basic regenerative medicine knowledge; improve clinical practice and clinical outcomes and to enhance research and training.
Our Network has 7 different committees, each with specific objectives described below.
If you are interested in joining one or more of these committees, contact us by email and indicate which committee you would like to serve on.


Chair: Dr. Natasha Chang

This committee focuses on the organization of the MRM Annual Symposium, as well as the introduction of small-group cross-talk seminars with invitations to guest speakers and implementation of several training workshops in collaboration with affiliated core facilities and industry partners.



Chair: Dr. Colin Crist

This committee provides content for the MRM website and social media platforms to keep members informed about the latest news, events or funding opportunities relevant to regenerative medicine at McGill and beyond.
If you are interested in communication aimed at both scientists and the lay public, and you are keen on writing for a wide audience using social network tools, we encourage you to join the MRM Web and Communication Committee!



Chair: Prof. Michel Tremblay

This committee is responsible for scientific assessment and approval of projects submitted to MRM internal funding competitions for the support of small research projects.



Chair: Dr. Michael Sebag

This committee will support researchers from McGill University and affiliated hospitals in structuring future clinical research to move projects forward and to comply with regulatory agencies.



Chair: Prof. Terry Hébert

This committee focuses on development of MRM educational platforms. These include courses and programs to prepare students to work in or conduct research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. This includes the development of links within the regenerative medicine community at McGill and its affiliated hospitals to facilitate development of educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and where possible to integrate such efforts into professional programs.


Chair: Dr. Vahab Soleimani

This committee is in charge of evaluating submissions to the many competitions organized by the MRM Network. This includes our yearly Photo Contest, as well as the Lucie Besner Travel Awards competition.
To ensure the best possible assessment of each application, this committee should be composed by researchers at different career stages including trainees, all from a wide variety of disciplines.



Chair: Me Erika Kleiderman

The main objectives of the Ethics Committee are to build bridges between basic/clinical research and ELSI research; to maintain and expand McGill’s international footprint in bioethics of regenerative medicine; to simplify the understanding of the Health Canada ethics guidelines for regenerative medicine trials; as well as to engage the public in the social issues of regenerative medicine.


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