MRM Internal Funding

One of the main goals of the MRM Network is to support research that seeks novel discoveries into basic understanding of stem cell biology, which ultimately translates into new technologies and regenerative medicine approaches. Toward this end, it is crucial that we support discoveries by our researchers by facilitating the use of the numerous quality platforms built across McGill University. Thus, the MRM established a special fund to support pilot research projects using MRM-affiliated core facilities.

The MRM Network sponsors two funding competitions each year to award three to five dedicated research projects involving the use of one of the technological core facilities affiliated with the Network.

There are three ways of applying for MRM Internal Funding:

  • Individual application: application submitted by one MRM Principal Investigator. The MRM will fund up to a maximum of $6,000.
  • Collaborative application: application submitted by two MRM Principal Investigators for a collaborative project. The MRM will fund up to a maximum of $10,000.
  • Postdoctoral researcher application: application submitted by a postdoctoral researcher sponsored by an MRM Principal Investigator. The MRM will fund up to a maximum of $6,000.





  • The MRM Network must be acknowledged in any publication including data generated during the funded project.
  • Funding must be used within six months of its approval by the Funding & Infrastructure Committee.
  • Funding must be reserved for the fees associated with the use of the affiliated core facility. Note: project can involve several core facilities.
  • If the project is involving one of the affiliated animal facilities, please note that funding will not cover animal housing fees.
  • A researcher that has already received MRM Internal funding will not be allowed to apply to the competition in the same year.


Application procedure

Applicants must complete the application form (available when the competition opens).

Following the form submission, applicants must send by email:

  • Description of the projectIn a one-page document:
    • Provide context: briefly describe the overall research project, including current funding sources of the research program
    • For collaborative projects, please explain how the funding will create synergies between the two labs
    • Describe the experiment, methods involved, and core facility that will be used
    • Explain how this support will benefit your overall research project
  • A quotation from the core facility involved in the project stating the total cost and estimated start and end dates for the experiment. The total amount requested in the application must appear on the quotation(s).


The MRM Internal Funding competition is now CLOSED.


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