The MRM Network is proud to be featured in McGill’s new fundraising campaign

On September 26th, McGill University launched the most ambitious fundraising drive in McGill’s history. With a goal of $2 billion, it is designed to propel McGill into its third century by increasing resources for financial aid and scholarships to support our students through their learning journey, as well as offering opportunities that open doors, advancing research that changes lives, driving innovation, and ensuring our students are future-ready.

The fundraising drive also marks the debut of “Made by McGill,” a new creative platform for telling the incredible stories of McGill bright students, accomplished alumni, and outstanding faculty and administrative and support staff. In addition to supporting the campaign, the Made by McGill platform will be used to bolster key initiatives like undergraduate recruitment, as well as our upcoming Bicentennial celebrations.

Money raised during the blitz will be directed to different areas of the university’s curriculum.
An estimated $300 million will be earmarked for capital projects to update school facilities for students and faculty. As part of the project, $600 million will go towards funding bursaries, scholarships and other means of student support. Another $750 million will be injected into research projects that span the fields of neuroscience, environmental sustainability and data science.

As part of this bold fundraising campaign, the Faculty of Medicine is presenting several innovative projects to be supported, including the development of the MRM Network:

Cure disease from within through regenerative medicine

Imagine a treatment that frees a diabetic child from daily insulin injections, enables a grandmother weakened by heart failure to regain her independence, or helps a soldier disfigured by injury to regain self-confidence. The new and exciting field of regenerative medicine makes all of this possible. And McGill plans to take the lead with a world-class McGill Regenerative Medicine Network.

Your support will enable the Network to:

  • Build cutting-edge scientific infrastructure
  • Recruit stellar talent
  • Create training programs and support for graduate students
  • Forge international research partnerships


Learn more in the Faculty of Medicine Case for Support.

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