Study Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at McGill

Are you interested in the growing domain of regenerative medicine? Are you planning a career in this exciting domain? From stem cells to “disease in a dish” models and 3D printing of synthetic tissues, regenerative medicine has been expanding dramatically and will drive future biomedical advances and applications.

The MRM graduate certificate aims to prepare you for this future. Our program explores the combination of stem cell-based model systems for designing more effective screens and therapies for disease that can capture both disease progression and therapeutic success and lead to clinical translation. Our program comprises a 15-credit focus on the biology of stem cells, their uses in diagnostic and therapeutic applications, the practicalities of generating them, their ethical usage and clinical translation. Join us – we look forward to seeing you. For more information, see the MRM Graduate Certificate webpage.

And more, McGill offers several other courses focused in whole or in part on stem cells and regenerative medicine in various departments and faculties. We have put together a list of relevant classes here.

Learn more about the Certificate            See list of McGill courses


Photo credit: Cerebral organoid derived from microcephaly patient iPSC, Dr. Chanshuai Han (Durcan’s Lab)

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