SCN-Mitacs Internship Partnership

Canada is a world leader in stem cell and regenerative medicine (RM) research – a field, poised for tremendous growth with significant health and economic benefits. Today, recognizing the importance of talent development to advance the sector, the Stem Cell Network and Mitacs are launching a new partnership that will provide tomorrow’s life science leaders with the skills and experience required to work within Canada’s burgeoning RM sector.

The SCN-Mitacs industry-based internship partnership aims to pair the brightest graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with RM-focused biotech companies that are moving innovative therapies and technologies into the marketplace.


Application Guide

Deadline to send your Expression of interest (EOI) application packages: March 10, 2022


Traditionally powered by stem cells, RM focuses on replacing, repairing, or regenerating human cells, tissues, and organs. It is considered by many to be the next frontier of medicine. Health economists have indicated that Canada could capture at least 5% of the projected $77B USD market, representing $5B in potential growth for Canada and the generation of 6,000 highly qualified jobs. To realize this projection, it is critical to invest in today’s talent, ensuring Canada remains ready and able to compete on the global stage.

“For 20 years Canada’s Stem Cell Network has been leading the way in building national capacity in stem cell and regenerative medicine research,” said Cate Murray, Executive Director and COO of the Stem Cell Network. “We are thrilled to partner with Mitacs to continue to strategically build Canadian expertise in regenerative medicine, ensuring the next generation is well-placed to compete in Canada’s knowledge-based economy and equipped with the skills to work in labs and biotech companies of today and tomorrow.”

“Mitacs is incredibly pleased to be partnering with the Stem Cell Network to offer working-integrated learning placements for graduate students in this cutting-edge field of medicine,” said John Hepburn, CEO of Mitacs. “It is our sincere hope that their work will help to advance research in regenerative medicine and help Canada maintain its competitiveness in this important field of science.”

This new internship partnership is offered through the Mitacs Accelerate program and will match up to five candidates per year with Canadian companies to complete an eight-month internship. Successful candidates will gain exposure to and work experience in industry and develop fundamental technical and business skills by undertaking a stem cell and regenerative medicine-related project. The program will run annually from 2022 to 2025.

Students in Masters or Ph.D. programs, and Postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply. Recent graduates within two years of their degree and affiliated with an eligible academic institution are also able to apply for the 2022 term. The application cycle is now open for the 2022 term, with placements commencing no earlier than July 2022.

To learn more, to review the list of Canadian companies interested in participating in the program, or to apply, visit/click here.

For more details about this program, please contact:

Jonathan Draper, Ph.D., Program Director, Research Partnerships, Stem Cell Network

Jillian Murray, Ph.D., Account Manager, Mitacs

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