The McGill ABC platform: Animal Behavioural Characterization

The MRM Network is happy to announce that a new platform is joining the MRM Affiliated Core Facilities: the McGill ABC-Platform – Animal Behavioural Characterization. Research projects involving this platform will now be eligible for the MRM Internal Funding Competition, the next edition of which will be held in April 2022.

The McGill ABC-Platform was created in early 2021 to support fundamental research. This platform is managed by Dr. Magali Millecamps and directed by Pr. Philippe Séguéla. It was developed to provide access to high-quality training service in animal behaviour, to support research projects in academic and private laboratories that lack staff, infrastructure or time, and proposes a diversified and customizable offer to advance preclinical research.

For those who need it, the platform can travel and work in your own space in the Montreal area. If you lack infrastructure or equipment in your lab, the ABC platform works in close partnership with the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain at McGill University. ABC facilitates access to their infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment to conduct your research.

ABC-services include, but are not limited to:

  • full or partial experimental support (emotional and physical discomfort, verification of safety monitoring for new compounds and processes, analgesic efficacy, pilots, tissue collections).
  • outsourcing (colony management, behavioural screening, …)
  • administrative support (FACC* – ethics protocol-, grant…)
  • staff/student training


Whether you are fluent in behavioural analysis or not, do not hesitate to contact them or visit their website.


Dr. Magali Millecamps
ABC Scientific Coordinator

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