MRM Abstract Competition Award Winners for TMM2022

The MRM Network is pleased to announce the results of the MRM Abstract Competition Award for TMM2022.

The MRM partnered once again with the Stem Cell Network to sponsor four Travel Awards for MRM Trainees to attend the 2022 Till & McCulloch meeting on October 3-5, 2022 in Vancouver.

Each abstract was evaluated by the TMM2022 Evaluation Committee and the 4 best ranked MRM Trainees were awarded a grant that will cover their travel fees for up to $2,000.

Congratulations to the 4 Awardees:

  • Soeren Huettner, Postdoctoral Fellow in Colin Crist’s Lab (Human Genetics)
  • Brenden Moeun, Ph.D. Candidate in Corinne Hoesli’s Lab (Chemical Engineering)
  • Sepideh Abbasi, Postdoctoral Fellow in Michel Cayouette’s Lab (Experimental Medicine)
  • Isabella Iasenza, Ph.D. Candidate in Kolja Eppert’s Lab (Medicine)


And congratulations to the MRM Trainees who were selected as Stem Cell Network Abstract Competition Award Winners:

  • Rachad Aita, Master Candidate in Chan Gao’s Lab (Surgery)
  • Lilit Antonyan, Ph.D. Candidate in Carl Ernst’s Lab (Human Genetics)
  • Luke David, Ph.D. Candidate in Michel Cayouette’s Lab (Integrated Program in Neuroscience)
  • Neha Dinesh, Ph.D. Candidate in Dieter Reinhardt’s Lab (Anatomy & Cell Biology)
  • Charlotte Sénéchal, Ph.D. Candidate in Colin Crist’s Lab (Human Genetics)
  • Andrew Song, Ph.D. Candidate in Gregor Andelfinger’s Lab (Anatomy & Cell biology)
  • Yue Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate in Jo Anne Stratton’s Lab (Neurology & Neurosurgery)
  • Jeremy Zwaig, Master Candidate in Renzo Cecere’s Lab (Experimental Surgery)


Looking forward to seeing you present your work at TMM2022!

See the full list of winners

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