Submit your entry to the 2022 edition of the MRM Network Photo Contest

The MRM Photo Contest focuses on finding an original and creative image that would represent the work done on stem cells and regenerative medicine using an action photo or a cell picture. The winner will be awarded a $250 prize and the winner of the second prize will receive $100.

For inspiration, have a look at the previous editions of the contest.

Terms and Conditions

To submit a picture, you must be a current MRM Member.

The submitted images must be original and you must own their copyright.

The image file format for submissions can be JPEG, TIFF, PNG or PDF. Image files should be high resolution.

Each entrant may submit up to two images.

By submitting your image to the Photo Contest, you are allowing the MRM Network the right to reproduce, publish or communicate to the public. It will be used for the Network’s activities including an appearance on the website, social media platforms, brochures, emails or events.

Each entry will be evaluated by the MRM Prizes & Awards Committee. The winner will be notified by email and will be announced through the MRM website and social media platforms.

You must submit your entry by email, indicating the image’s title and legend, author’s name and his/her PI’s name. Multiple submissions from one laboratory are encouraged too.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, November 30, 2022, by 11:59 P.M.

Submit your entry


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