Postdoctoral positions in the Haglund Lab – McGill

The Haglund Lab and McGill Scoliosis and Spine Team are looking for highly motivated, junior postdocs with an engineering/bioengineering background, a background in cell and molecular biology or a background in clinical pain research. The project will study the relationship between 3D spine curve pattern, load pattern, and tissue homeostasis across spinal segments of scoliotic spines. The project will also evaluate the effect of disease-modifying therapeutics on cartilage and bone in clinically relevant in vitro models. The goal of the project is to provide additional knowledge of the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of scoliosis and to develop disease-modifying therapeutics targeting both progression and pain and simultaneously improve the effectiveness of bracing for scoliosis.

Please contact Lisbet Haglund, for more information.

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