McGill24: Support Regenerative Medicine at McGill

Mark your calendars: on Wednesday, March 15, #McGill24 returns for its 8th edition. At the McGill Regenerative Medicine Network, we are ready. All we need is YOU. As a member of our Network, you play a critical role in the success of our McGill24 drive. The true measure of success? A high level of participation.

This year, we are asking you, members of the McGill Regenerative Medicine Community, to consider making a McGill24 gift towards the MRM Network. We need your help to continue to build and maintain cutting-edge infrastructure, recruit top talent, create graduate training programs, and forge research partnerships.

When you give to McGill24, your gifts combine with those of others to go further. Don’t miss this opportunity to amplify your gift, and remember: no gift is too small and every gift makes a difference! It’s also possible to help by spreading the word on social media.

If you have questions regarding our campaign or how you can help serve as a McGill24 ambassador for the MRM Network, please contact us at

We thank you for your generosity!


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