Congratulations to Dr. Danielle Karo-Atar, Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Irah King’s lab and Adda-Lee Graham-Paquin, Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Maxime Bouchard’s Lab, who respectively won first and second prizes in the 2021 MRM Photo Contest.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and contributed to its success. Special thanks to the members of the Prizes and Awards Committee, who took the time to analyze and evaluate each picture submitted:

  • Dr. Vahab Soleimani (Chair)
  • Darren Blackburn – Ph.D. Candidate in Dr. Vahab Soleimani’s Lab
  • Dr. Nicoletta Eliopoulos
  • Dr. Carl Ernst
  • Dr. David Labbé
  • Brenden Moeun – Ph.D. Candidate in Pr. Corinne Hoesli’s Lab
  • Dr. Anastasia Nijnik
  • Dr. Jo Anne Stratton
  • Jeremy Zwaig – Master Candidate in Dr. Renzo Cecere’s Lab

Winning Photos

First prize:

IL13 stimulated intestinal organoids Danielle Karo-Atar, King Lab


Second prize:

Dance of the Epithelia: early Prostate Cancer cells reorganize in harmony_1 Adda-Lee Graham-Paquin, Bouchard Lab

2021 Contestants


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