Le Symposium 2018 du Réseau de cellules souches et de médecine régénérative s’est tenu à l’Hôpital général juif le 16 Novembre 2018.

Conférenciers principaux


Dre. Corinne Hoesli

Ph.D., Professeure adjointe | Chaire de recherche du Canada en Thérapie cellulaire et génie des bioprocédés

Dr. Corinne Hoesli is an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Her laboratory, The Stem Cell Bioprocessing Laboratory, works on engineering bioreactors for stem cell culture. We apply engineering approaches to design, optimize and scale up stem cell production systems. We are currently investigating the effects of various biomaterials and 3D culture on pluripotent stem cell differentiation into pancreatic cells as well as vascular endothelial cells. The main areas of applications of our research are diabetes cellular therapy and the development of vascular substitutes to treat cardiovascular disease.

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Dr. Joseph Kinsella

M.D., Ph.D., Professeur adjoint en Génie biologique

Joseph “Matt” Kinsella is an Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at McGill University in Montreal, QC, Canada. The Kinsella labs research interests include developing nano/microscale materials for cancer bioprinting and diagnostics. Before joining the faculty at McGill in 2012 he was an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, San Diego developing nanomaterials to aid in cancer diagnostics and imaging. In 2007 he received his PhD from the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University.

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Pierre Laneuville

Professeur agrégé – Département de médecine, Division de médecine expérimentale, Professeur agrégé – Faculté de médecine, Oncologie

Pierre Laneuville is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine and Oncology at McGill University and the former Head of Hematology for the McGill University Health Centre. His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying the genesis and transformation of chronic myeloid leukemia, and he is actively engaged in clinical trials for hematologic malignancies and stem cell transplant. He is a past President of the Canadian Hematological Society and Chairman of the Canadian Consensus Group on the Management of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CCGM-CML). He has served on numerous basic and clinical research panels including the Medical Research Council of Canada, the Leukemia Research Fund of Canada, and the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Hematology Executive. He is currently the Medical Director of the MUHC Clinical Research Cord Blood Bank.

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