Fall 2019 GCRC Workshop

Goodman Cancer Research Center

Scientific Topics: Biobanking, Organoids, 3D imaging

Experimental Approaches: Pathology, IHC, RNAscope, FACS flow and SciMap

The goal of the workshop is to, as a first model of cancer, familiarize attendees on:

  • bio banking of mouse or patient tumors and normal tissues,
  • preparation and usefulness of mouse- or patient-derived organoids
  • imaging of organoids and usefulness
  • transmit some technical information on:
    • preparation of tissues for pathology
    • staining of sections with various antibodies and RNA probes
    • sorting of different types of cells
    • identification of different subtypes of epithelial or immune cells

The daylong workshop will be held at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre.
Snacks and Lunch will be provided to all speakers and registered attendees.

Limited space is available, attendance is free for all GCRC affiliated trainees.

Priority to attend will be given to GCRC Trainees

Deadline to Register: November 8, 2019

For more information, please contact Daniel Caron

Agenda Register here

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