Graphos Workshop: Refining Poster Presentations

McIntyre Building

In many fields, the poster presentation is a key form of scholarly communication. This workshop provides an opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to polish a draft poster that they intend to present at a conference.

Please bring your laptop and a draft poster or a poster you have previously presented in .ppt or similar format.* The space only has HDMI connectors, so please bring any adapters if needed.

Participate in this workshop and you will:

  • Analyze posters and learn what features can make a poster effective
  • Evaluate posters prepared by other students and gain valuable constructive criticism from them on your own work-in-progress (or previously presented poster)
  • Improve the poster you are currently developing (or have previously presented) and learn to apply those lessons to future posters

The workshop will be led by Dr. Chris Corkery, who has worked in science and research communication for fifteen years. He is currently a Technology Transfer Manager at McGill University.

The workshop will be held on McGill’s downtown campus at McIntyre Medical, Room 210/211 on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

* If you do not have a poster in draft form, or a poster that you have previously presented, this workshop will be of less value to you.


Access the registration form here
A few working days before the workshop, you will receive an email reminder.


Please note that the MRM partnered with Graphos to organize a virtual version of this event specifically for MRM Trainees that are preparing a poster to present at the 2023 MRM Symposium. More details to come soon.


What is Graphos?

Graphos teaches graduate students and postdocs how to become accomplished scholarly communicators. Across the disciplines, writing is the common practice that all scholars must master. Writing is not simply an afterthought—it is the medium in which we do our intellectual work.


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