Micro-TAS 2024 Conference


The 28th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences – Micro-Total Analysis Systems (µTAS 2024) will take place on October 13-17, 2024 in Montreal.

What is microTAS?
microTAS is an acronym for micro total analysis system and has come to encompass anything microfluidic. microTAS is also the oldest and largest conference on all things microfluidics taking place in North America, Asia and Europe on a 3 year cycle, with up to 1300 participants to date. Microfluidics is life itself – every cell is a microfluidic droplet within a lipid bubble – and hence microfluidic undergirds life, medicine, and much more. microTAS encompasses everything analysis and synthesis, lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, wearables and many more areas.

Why attend microTAS?
microTAS will be in Canada for the second time, and in Montreal for the first time in 28 years since its inception. microTAS features the latest theoretical and technical advances and their applications, often years before they are published. microTAS undoubtedly overlap with the MRM’s community’s interests, and may thus constitute an opportunity to learn more about microTASs, and how they could benefit your own research and interests. microTAS is trainee centric with all regular oral presentations selected from the submitted abstracts. This year’s conference includes a wider range of topics and themes, encompassing applications in medicine and diseases, agriculture, food, and 3D printing, and four ‘hot topics’ on (i) wearables and continuous biosensing, (ii) organ-on-a-chip, (iv) environment and energy, and (iv) AI in microfluidics. Link for full list of categories. We are also thrilled to offer an outstanding selection of plenary and keynote speakers here.

You may find more information on the webpage on social media LinkedIn and Twitter/X (please consider following us)

The Montreal experience
microTAS will be in Canada for the second time since its inception 28 years ago, and in Montreal for the first time. In addition to an exceptional scientific program, we promise an superb cultural program celebrating local culture and circus – Montreal is the home base of the Cirque du Soleil and a circus capital.

How to submit, and how to get selected for poster or oral presentation?
Information and guidelines for abstract submission are found under “Authors” on the webpage. The submission deadline is May 14, 2024. Ranking and selection is by peer-review and a technical committee. Below, you will find two model abstracts.

Model Abstract #1
Model Abstract #2

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