November iPSC Seminar: Early Drug Discovery Unit



Recent progress of the heart in a dish study: patient-specific differences in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from dilated cardiomyopathy patients

Ida Derish

Cecere Lab, Department of Experimental Surgery
Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC)


BMP4 mediated cross-activation of multiple signalling pathways is a barrier for totipotent-like reprogramming in mouse embryonic stem cells

Thulaj Meharwade

Stem Cells and Cell Reprogramming Unit, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)
and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Montreal


Thursday, November 24, 2022
11:00 AM – 12:00PM EST
Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre, The Neuro


Online streaming will be available through Vimeo here:

The iPSC Seminar Series at The Neuro

Supported by Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives and STEMCELL Technologies, The Neuro’s iPSC Seminar Series welcomes trainees and senior scientists working with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to present their cutting-edge research. The Seminar Series intends to foster collaborations within the network of laboratories working with iPSCs in Montreal, Canada and around the world.
If you, or someone you know, would be interested in presenting please contact us to secure a spot on the schedule.

Contact: Rina Shlaifer


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