SCN – Cryopreservation for Regenerative Medicine


Cryopreservation is a routine, but complex process used during the development and delivery of cell therapies. Although sometimes overlooked, effective cryopreservation is a key consideration that contributes to the reproducibility and utility of cell products in regenerative medicine applications. Stem Cell Network, in conjunction with the Society for Low Temperature Biology (SLTB), is excited to host two new cryopreservation educational workshops that will inform on the principles, best practices and latest advances in cryopreservation. In the first workshop, regenerative medicine researchers will be exposed to the fundamental principles of cellular cryopreservation, as well how cryopreservation impacts cell stability and viability, and the implications this can have for the storage and shipping of cells. In the second part, the workshop will look at the principles for cryopreserving systems containing multiple cell types or complex multicellular structures, such as organs or organoids, as well as discuss the progress that is being made in the development of new techniques and cryoprotectants.

The workshop, which is open to investigators and trainees, features talks from subject matter experts from the field of cryopreservation research and includes discussion and Q&A sessions.


The workshop is open to investigators and trainees and registration is required to participate in this workshop – please complete this form to register. Links to access the workshop will be emailed to registrants at the end of April.


This virtual workshop is split into two parts that will cover key areas of cryopreservation principles; a full schedule will be posted soon:

Part 1: Wednesday May 5 at 12pm to 3pm ET (9am-12pm PT; 5pm-8pm BST)
  • Session 1: Fundamental principles of cryopreservation
  • Session 2: Viability and stability
Part 2: Wednesday, June 2 at 12pm to 3pm ET (9am-12pm PT; 5pm-8pm BST)
  • Session 1: Cryopreservation of complex systems
  • Session 2: New techniques and reagents, including novel cryoprotectants



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