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Regenerative medicine research often generates huge amounts of data and appropriate statistical treatment is essential for drawing the correct conclusions from the raw data. A basic understanding of statistical principles and how to apply them to your data can take your experiments to the next level.

The Stem Cell Network (SCN) is offering the Statistics for Regenerative Medicine training workshop to provide regenerative medicine researchers with an introduction to basic statistical concepts and methods relevant to designing and analyzing experiments. The workshop also provides a good foundation in the use of discovery tools provided by data analysis and visualization software. The topics covered were selected from the series “Points of Significance,” which are articles on statistical methods published in the scientific journal Nature Methods.

Application Deadline: May 7, 2024
Start Date: June 18-20, 2024
Location: Online
Language: English

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The topics covered will include:

  • Graphing
    • Knowing correct graph types to use
    • Comparison of variables and conditions
  • Experimental design
    • Power and sample size
    • Randomization
    • Block design
  • Common statical approaches
    • T-test
    • ANOVA
    • Linear model


The concepts and methods will be illustrated with realistic case studies and examples that are commonly encountered by biomedical researchers. The R statistical software/programming language will be used in this course. We will use RStudio to create notebook documents that are easily converted into PDF or HTML formatted reports for communication and archiving of analysis results.

This event is hosted by SCN and organized and delivered by Dr. Brian Cox, Associate Professor, University of Toronto, who’s research expertise includes systems biology, bioinformatics and gene regulation.


Who should attend?

This statistics workshop is designed for stem cell and regenerative medicine “wet bench” research trainees who are looking to gain an appreciation of the basic statistical concepts and methods relevant to designing and analyzing experiments.


Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Applying R to statical and graphing analysis
  • Appreciate the importance of sample size
  • Improve understanding of common statistical tests and validating methods
  • Apply statistical principles to design experiments


SCN will offer a Certificate of Completion for this event. To be eligible to receive a certificate, participants must:

  • Attend the entire workshop; and
  • Complete the post-event survey.

Please note: The Certification of Completion is a document demonstrating your attendance at a training event. It is not a credential, as it is not issued based on proof of learning or knowledge attainment.

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