Stem Cells from the Sofa: An Optimist’s Guide to Overcoming Pandemic Impacts


This episode of Stem Cells from the Sofa will cover the wide-ranging issues and impacts that the pandemic has visited on researchers and clinicians at all career levels and will discuss actions and initiatives that the research community could embrace as science starts to consider recovery and rebuilding from these unprecedented challenges.

In April 2020, Stem Cells from the Sofa hosted Dr. Jim Woodgett (now Senior Scientist at Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute) as he discussed what the reopening of labs would look like after the initial lockdown. In this new episode of Stem Cells from the Sofa, and almost a year later, Jim will be joined by three researchers at different career stages who will describe the significant impacts and uncertainties they have witnessed regarding ongoing research operations, training and programmatic planning and support: Marissa Lithopoulos (Senior PhD Candidate who has recently accepted a post-doctoral fellowship to work in the laboratory of Dr. Freda Miller, UBC), Dr. Zachary Laksman (Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine and the School of Biomedical Engineering, UBC; Zach is an early career researcher and clinician-scientist) and Dr. Kristin Hope (Senior Scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, UHN; Kristin is a mid-career researcher who recently moved her research program to UHN).
The panel will outline the challenges that remain and the opportunities that are emerging, as well as provide insights and potential strategies that may help researchers as they tackle the short and long-term issues that the pandemic restrictions have caused for research programs and career progress.

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Time: Thursday, March 18 2021 at 11am Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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