MRM-Biochemistry Department Seminar: Dr. Benjamin Cosgrove

McIntyre Building

This seminar is co-hosted by the MRM and the Biochemistry Department

Thursday, November 24, 2022, 9:00 AM
Room 1034, McIntyre Medical Science Building

Benjamin Cosgrove, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering,
Cornell University, NY, USA

Title: “Multi-cellular coordination of stem cell regulation in skeletal muscle regeneration and aging”


Skeletal muscle stem cells (also called satellite cells) act through coordinated self-renewal and differentiation cell-fate regulatory mechanisms to provide essential contributions to muscle homeostasis and regeneration. In aging and inherited dystrophies, muscle stem cell fates are dysregulated leading to regenerative failure and muscle atrophy. In this talk, I will describe our on-going efforts to dissect muscle stem cell fate regulatory networks using transcriptomic analyses using a suite of novel genomic and bioinformatic technologies. I will discuss our efforts to build large-scale single-cell RNA-sequencing atlases of skeletal muscle homeostasis and repair. In mouse models, we develop cell-cell communication maps from these single-cell data and have discovered multiple niche factors which were confirmed to regulate muscle stem cell quiescence via Syndecan signaling systems. We further leveraged these cell-cell communication maps to identify endothelial-myogenic bidirectional paracrine interactions. We have extended these approaches to examine muscle aging in mice and revealed non-myogenic cell populations that impact changes in muscle stem cell self-renewal dynamics in aged mice. We will also discuss efforts to map the coding and noncoding RNA landscape using high-resolution spatial transcriptomics to reveal spatiotemporal patterns of noncoding regulation of muscle regeneration. Lastly, we have built the scMuscle open web resource for exploration of large-scale single-cell transcriptomic data relevant to skeletal muscle biology.

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