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In 2020, the MRM Network has launched the MRM Insights, for which each month, a member of the MRM is writing about stem cells and regenerative medicine from a different perspective. These editorial pieces met with great success as the articles are the most visited pages on our website.

Do you like to write? Are you interested in talking about your research project,
a new technique in the field or even about your scientific process? We would love to hear from you! 

Today, we are inviting our PI members to contribute to the MRM Insights for the 2022-2023 edition. If you are a graduate student, you can pair with your supervisor to submit your contribution.

You can contact us at or fill out this short form below.

Have a look at the quality and variety of the articles published last year:

April 2021: Mitochondrial Donation and the 2004 Assisted Human Reproduction Act, by Forough Noohi
May 2021: The MRM Network – Where are we and what’s next?, by Prof. Michel Tremblay
June 2021: Biofabrication – a perspective on the future of personalized medicine, by Drs. Derek Rosenzweig and Megan Cooke
July 2021: Targeting OXPHOS in glioma stem cells, by Dr. Arezu Jahani-Asl and Laura Raco
August 2021: Studying muscle stem cells within the context of their niche environment during development and diseases, by Dr. Vahab Soleimani and Darren Blackburn
September 2021: MYSM1 in epigenetic regulation of mammalian hematopoiesis: from mouse models to human patients, by Dr. Anastasia Nijnik, HanChen Wang and June Kim
October 2021: Centrosome asymmetry as a stemness-derived driver of cancer chromosomal instability and intratumoral heterogeneity, by Prof. Moulay Alaoui-Jamali and Henry Yu
November 2021: When engineers and biologists collide collaborate, by Dr. Chris Moraes
December 2021: Autophagy in stem cell health and disease, by Dr. Natasha Chang and Cordell VanGenderen
January 2022: Human ependymal cells: the development of an iPSC protocol, by Dr. Jo Anne Stratton and Yue Zhang
February 2022: Titanium-containing bioactive glasses in the international year of glass, by Prof. Marta Cerruti


Interested in contributing to the MRM Insights?

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