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In 2020, the MRM Network has launched the MRM Insights, for which each month, a member of the MRM is writing about stem cells and regenerative medicine from a different perspective. These editorial pieces met with great success as the articles are the most visited pages on our website.

Do you like to write? Are you interested in talking about your research project,
a new technique in the field or even about your scientific process? We would love to hear from you! 

Today, we are inviting our PI members to contribute to the MRM Insights for the 2023 edition. If you are a graduate student, you can pair with your supervisor to submit your contribution.

You can contact us at or fill out the form below.

Have a look at the quality and variety of the articles published this year:

January 2022: Human ependymal cells: the development of an iPSC protocol, by Jo Anne Stratton and Yue Zhang.
February 2022: Titanium-containing bioactive glasses in the international year of glass, by Marta Cerruti.
April 2022: Investigating the pathomechanisms in rare corner fracture type spondylometaphyseal dysplasia caused by fibronectin mutations – an iPSC-based approach, by Dieter Reinhardt, Philippe Campeau, and Neha Dinesh.
May 2022: IPSC-Derived Oligodendrocytes – a model for regenerative potential in Multiple Sclerosis?, by Jack Antel, Gabriela Blaszczyk, Thomas Durcan, and Valerio Piscopo.
June 2022: Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Fibrosis Modulation: Relevance of well-characterized models, by James Martin, Inés Colmegna, and Arina Morozan.
July 2022: Perspective, Critical thinking, and Stem cells, by Yojiro Yamanaka.
August 2022: Measuring Protein Turnover in IPSC-Derived Brain Organoids, by Jean-François Trempe and Jerry Dong.
September 2022: Effective clinical translation of stem cells – from bench, to clinic, to bench, by Mari Kaartinen, Simon Tran, Jose Gil Munguia-Lopez, and Sangeeth Pillai.
October 2022: Inorganic Polyphosphates for Tissue Engineering Applications of the Musculoskeletal System: From Fossil Remanent to a Functional Biomolecule, by Rahul Gawri.
November 2022: News from the front – opportunities and challenges for the MRM, by Terry Hébert.
December 2022: Regenerating the Native Microenvironment with Decellularized Extracellular Matrix – Toward Lasting Treatments, by Nicole Li-Jessen and Mika Brown.


Interested in contributing to the MRM Insights?

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